John Insanely Gorgeous Frusciante


John Frusciante :

“It’s, it’s like I’m in the fourth dimension and somebody is asking me to describe it verbally and that’s what the fourth dimension is all about, is no words, no symbols, no images, all pure, real energy and vibrations. And, and if I thought about how cruel of a world this is, I would probably just commit suicide after a while, if that was what I spent my energy thinking about. I would definitely not have any strength left to create music.”

Chorzow, 2007.

Chorzow, 2007.

Chili peps still don’t have a producer for their new album.
John has been producing his and friends’ albums for like, a decade now.



I heart John Frusciante. I heart his ridiculously long fingers. I heart the way he says “you know”. I heart his awkward pants and loose fitting socks. I heart his abscesses. I heart his random hysterical laughter. I heart the way he can make putting his leg behind his head look easy. I heart John Frusciante in all his greasy-haired glory. I heart the way he lives for music. I heart John Frusciante.

Track: Hard To Concentrate
Artist: Red Hot Chili Peppers
Album: Stadium Arcadium


Red Hot Chili Peppers - Hard To Concentrate